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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rant of the week...Driving

I have a feeling this will be my most popular rant of the week, so I'll only focus on one aspect of driving per week.

Today: Turn Signals.

I use my religiously. I use it to pull into a parking spot, I use it whenever, wherever I TURN. Hence the name I assume. My BIGGEST pet peeve is when people do not use their turn signal. Today, I was on a 3-lane highway, I was in the far left lane signaling to move to the middle lane. All the while I was watching another car, in the far right lane. I started to move over (giving at least 10 seconds of prior signaling) and the asshole in the right lane moved over and almost hit me. Didn't use a turn signal, I was watching. Then had the nerve to flip me off. Who does that? It's really sad that now everyone just takes what they want and basically thinks everyone else can "fuck off". I think the world needs a lesson in humility, empathy, kindness.

I'll continue to use my signal prior to actually moving. I hope you do it too.

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