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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Middle of the night mystery...

I have been awake since, at least, 3am. I really hope this day includes a nap after my nose nerve injections. 

The new neighbors keep weird hours. They made a ton of noise at 3am, I woke up to a mechanical noise, then a squishy noise (you know, like a gelled liquid coming out of a rubber udder, then I heard talking/yelling, and then a car drove away. 

The other night they started hammering/sawing outside our bedroom window at 10pm and Hubby went out and yelled at them. They are home ALL DAY, yet they ALWAYS start working on their yard at 7:30pm. We go lay down in bed at 8pm since hubby has to wake up super early. 

Yes I am being a nosey neighbor, but they avert their eyes when anyone wants to say hello. They aren't friendly and our neighbors are FRIENDLY, these people just don't fit in. Hubby thinks they are part of WITSEC, I am beginning to think they are drug dealers. WITSEC doesn't provide that much money... They have put up a fence, filled in their yard, and are going to out in actual piping for their drainage in the front yard then out dirt over it. Sounds like a waste of money to me. 

They mow twice a week. TWICE A WEEK PEOPLE! I have migraines, every  single day. Lawn and mowers are the worst. They even now the empty lots across the street from them, that they don't own. We now every other week and my hubby LOVES to mow, the grass here just doesn't need it. Drives me nuts.

Yes, this is pure conjecture, but not meant to be mean, just curious. They could be aliens too and it was a spaceship I heard take off.  Or vampires. I'm really trying to think of a good non-inflammatory thing I could think, but it's 4am. My brain isn't nice at 4am.i

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