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Saturday, July 26, 2014

I am a little late in this post...

It's been two years since I have written anything, let alone a blog post. I am, and have been, in migraine hell for some time. Maybe blogging can help? Get rid of the feelings holding me back, writing down my stress may help alleviate it some. It's worth a shot!

So much has happened. After our wedding that Bill, AMAZING, kind, sweet mother threw us, she passed away. It was sudden, unexpected and horrible. I live every day wishing she were here. It hurts to think how much she missed out on in our lives. Our first house, the loss of an amazing dog, Krissy. And so, so much more. She was full of life. She lived each day to the fullest, loved and was loved by everyone.

I have had ear ringing for 4 weeks straight now. Trauma therapy started two weeks ago. I haven't cleaned our amazing new house in a month.  I am stuck in "I want to do something but am in so much pain I can't" hell. The ear ringing started before the trauma therapy, as did the migraine, so stress is not a factor, well, it wasn't in starting it at least. The perpetual migraine is stressful in itself. I am sure that doesn't help.

I have more to say, and will, but I have family coming over. Not the blood kind, the kind you choose. The amazing friends I have is one reason I am able to keep going. That and the love of a man that is so strong, even when we fight, it's a better day than any day before him.

Thank you God for all the amazing gifts you have bestowed upon me. The strength, courage, wisdom, experiences have all made me who I am. I like who I am.

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